Lightware DA2DVI-HDCP-Pro is a multifunctional distribution amplifier with built-in EDID Management and Pixel Accurate Reclocking, supporting DVI and HDMI 1.3a signals with or without HDCP encryption. It automatically compensates for up to 60 meters of DVI copper cable, hence no adjustment is needed by the user. The Output signal is reclocked and stabilized using Lightware's Pixel Accurate Reclocking technology to remove jitter caused by long cables or poor quality DVI sources. Thanks to the Advanced EDID Management, DA2DVI-HDCP-Pro can emulate any DVI display for continuous video Output, even if the attached display is disconnected or powered down. The EDID memories from 01 to 50 are factory preset, the memories from 51 to 98 are user programmable. Memory 00 is transparent for output 1 and Memory 99 is for output 2, which means that the attached display device's EDID (monitor or projector) will be reported to the source. With the Easy EDID Creator (PC software) the users can create their own EDID by completing four simple steps. More experienced users can use the Advanced EDID Editor software to manage every possible setting in the EDID, which they can upload to the memory of the DA2DVI-HDCP-Pro.

Lightware DA2DVI-HDCP-Pro in Peli Case